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Hi, I go by the pen name of


Welcome to my author page!

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Why A Pen Name?

I have three reasons why I have chosen to use a pen name.

  1. My name is a very common name which already has other authors associated with it.
  2. By using the name Whatif, I am reiterating the fact I am not an expert. I am someone with MANY questions! I am sharing my journey so far and what I have learned.
  3. Health has become as controversial as politics and religion AND I’m sharing something I have not seen anybody else talk about.

Other Places to Find Me.

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This is my primary website for sharing the health information I am learning about.

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This website is entirely dedicated to letting you know more about my book, Health Backwards: An Original Look from a Different Perspective.

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Social Media

I am striving to be more active here. Most content will be posted under Desperate to be Well.

Share hope.
Be heard.
Help others.

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