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About me

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BookFest award emblem for Honorable Mention, earned Fall 2023 for nonfiction, science breakthrough

Fall 2023 The BookFest: Honorable Mention!

Nonfiction - Science Breakthrough

This was such an honor for my debut book, Health Backwards. I love that it was for the category of Science Breakthrough. I hope this will make the new concepts more acceptable to consider as a possible reason for the surge in autoimmune diseases.  

Cyndi Whatif

Award Winning Author. Webmaster. TEACHER. Mother. SPOONIE. Christian.

Who I Am.

I am a relentless seeker of knowledge. I am someone who has lived fourteen-plus years past her expiration date. I spent five years working on what I think is the real reason why some are able to improve their health and others are not. Once I had a solid hypothesis, I spent the next five years testing it. 

After going through that very trying decade of my life, I find that I am now more bold, brave, and determined than I ever thought it was possible to be. For those of you who know me, that would take an over-the-top effort to be more resolved than I already was. 

I am a first-generation four-year college graduate who worked my way through college and paid for it myself. I completed five years of college in this four-year process, earning a double major and a minor. 

I am a former Air Traffic Control Officer. I served a short commission in the Air Force after earning my Bachelor of Science degree in 1991. I mention these two accomplishments to demonstrate my analytical mind and self-discipline in accomplishing what I set out to do. 

Being a spoonie makes things challenging though. Sometimes the lines get blurry between what we do and who we are. When the tough days come, it is important to remember these are two separate sides of the same coin. But like any coin, we have worth regardless of which side of the coin is up at the time

Currently, I am a mother of six wonderful young adults and have been married to the same man for over thirty years. I lived in many places ranging from New Zealand, Turkey, and all four corners of the United States. I love helping people. 


What I Do.


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Health Backwards is a very condensed version of what I have learned. There is so much more I want to get out of my head and onto paper.


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I take great pleasure in being able to be infront of a computer again. I make all my own websites and branding.


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I plan to use my writing skills and computer skills to share what I have learned with as many people as I can.

Why I Did It.

As I shared my struggles with my readers, they always asked me, why did I not give up.

The short answer…I wanted to live…I wanted to clear my name.

After fighting to regain my health for three years using Alternative Medicine, I had an adverse reaction to it. I had to spend a night in the Emergency Room.

When the doctors’ tests failed to find the source of my problem, they concluded it was a panic attack. I knew it was not the case. They even said it wasn’t but wrote it down that way anyway because ‘they didn’t know what else to put’. They figured it was a starting point. I was furious!

All my siblings (5) and parents had health challenges. So many people do these days. On going health challenges are almost an accepted fact. (This ought not to be.) My mom had become pregnant with me while living at Camp Lejeune, during the water poisoning disaster. 

    • Was this were my health problems began? I don’t know. Maybe.
    • Did I pass this water poisoning on to my children? Maybe.
    • Are they being forced down the same health path as the rest of my family? Not if I can help it.
    • Like any good mom, I had to fight for my kids.

I had to figure out a way to divert them from growing up assuming they too would have health problems regardless of the healthy lifestyle path we were on.

Thankful to have hope, a women having her hands raised to heaven in the middle of a field of yellow flowers

Why I Share It.

I started off using the Western Medicine approach. It wasn’t working. So, I started looking at alternative medicine.


In studying Christian church history, I couldn’t help noticing that if something was not understood, it was evil. I was told alternative medicine was evil. It made me hesitant to open the door.


However, I read a book by Francis A. Schaeffer. He challenged Christians to stop steering clear of the unknown. Dive in and make a big splash. (Severely paraphrased) So, I did.


From the limited information I had read, frequency medicine was commonly attributed to sources which are better left alone. Shoot, even Nikola Tesla was considered to be dabbling with things he ought not to. You know, electricity. He was known for designing the alternating-current (AC) electric system we all enjoy today.


In time, I learned how frequency medicine could be physical in nature. I learned why a healthy lifestyle would not work for me. I also learned what to do in order to make other treatments work better. I think we have overlooked an entire system in the body.

I know what I learned on my health journey helped me so much!  I would feel selfish if I kept it to myself.