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Health Backwards

This book reveals a new viewpoint offering readers insight which will disrupt the status quo and push the boundaries of what we believe determines whether a person can be healthy or not.

HEALTH BACKWARDS: AN ORIGINAL LOOK FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE is Cyndi’s attempt to take Albert Einstein’s advice. He said, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” [emphasis added]

Cyndi has done just that. Healthy living for decades did not work for her. She was 40 years old when her doctor told her she had a life expectancy of 38-42. With this news, Cyndi-a stay at home mom-decided to use her rusty Bachelor of Science degree brain and start experimenting on herself. She figured she was already living on borrowed time. She started asking different questions. These different questions led to different answers, which gave her different results. Using the same previous methods which showed no results in the past would now work for her. She has ended up, so far, living fourteen plus years past her expiration date her doctor gave her.

Cyndi believes she has stumbled on the real reason why some people are healthy, and some are not. Health Backwards explains why and how she thinks we are looking at chronic inflammation backwards. She thinks it is not the problem but the warning light of something else having gone wrong. She think chronic inflammation is our body’s last-ditch effort to protect us by what is coined intelligent disobedience-going against an order in an effort to make a better decision.

This intelligent disobedience is necessary because of our unhealthy bodies failing to do two jobs for us. Cyndi has called this concept the Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis (DISH). In this book she guides her readers through how she figured out DISH, what it does, how it affects us, and what she did about it when it was not working. She uses simple language and junior high level science information in her book.

It’s important to note that Health Backwards is not intended as medical advice. It is meant as a thought provoking read for individuals seeking to find the missing piece of their own health puzzle and offer hope for those grappling with invisible illnesses, environmental sensitivities, autoimmune challenges, chronic fatigue, and more. But with that being said, Cyndi has a passion to help others by sharing what she has learned. She thinks it is information everyone needs to know. Her naturopath doctor told her, “What you are figuring out is going to force science to catch up with you.”

So I ask you…

What if…we don’t know what we don’t know?

  • We know germ theory.
  • We know the benefits of a healthy gut.
  • We know body meridians.
  • We know nutrition matters.
  • DO we know we are still missing something?

What if…DISH is the missing piece?

  • It made what didn’t work now work for me.
  • It helped my body to do its job.
  • It eliminated many symptoms.
  • It gave me hope.

Target Readers: Invisible Illness Sufferers, EMF Sensitive People, Autoimmune Disease, People with severe food and environmental allergies

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