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Start Winning Against Your Symptoms

  • Learn How I Think We Are Different.
  • Discover What This Difference Means.
  • Learn How to Work with This Difference to Reduce Symptoms.
  • Learn What Worked for Me.
  • Consider If It Will Work for You.


I am providing you with a huge detour. A detour which took me almost ten years to understand and create. I am now sharing it with others.

Will it work for everyone? Maybe. Everybody is unique. (I cannot give medical advice. Consult your health professional.)

However, I believe it will help many is why I am sharing my information.

  • I Stopped Feeling Helpless.
  • I Know I Am Being Proactive.
  • I Have Learned A New Concept.
  • I Share the Steps I Took.
  • I Give a Crash Course on My Secret Weapon.
  • I Explain How I Corrected Complications.
  • I Give Guidelines.
  • I Provide Checklists.
  • It Can Be Accomplished at a Slow Pace.
  • And More!
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