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Whiskers of Hope

Whiskers of Hope is a heartwarming story about a little kitten I rescued, but it goes beyond that. It introduces you to my new concept I’ve called the Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis (DISH). Whiskers of Hope demonstrates how DISH was a game-changer for this kitten.

But it’s not just a book, it’s an invitation to dive into how DISH might be impacting our own health. I give a sneak peek into the concept and show it in action through a simple case study. It’s a great story to help convey how profound and yet simple DISH could be.

From Back Cover:

We like to believe we can control our lives, but sometimes things just get put in our path. Things we didn’t even know we really needed—like a little abandoned kitten. This Christmas kitty’s story is a­ journey into fate causing our lives to converge.

This crossroad caused the transformation of a feeble creature’s health and the author’s mental toughness to share her discovery with the world. It is a true story of events which I have used to introduce my readers to this mystery body system (DISH) which I believe we all have. I believe the effectiveness of DISH (Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis) determines whether a person has the opportunity to be well.

Read this short memoir and see how my understanding of DISH was able to change the outcome of this kitten. May this memoir raise questions in you about the profound impact DISH could possibly have on the well-being of us all.

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