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From Patient to Advocate: Why I’m Determined to Share What I Discovered


The age old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” For me, given the lemon of chronic fatigue and a life expectancy of 38-42 (faulty pituitary gland), I couldn’t see a way to make it into lemonade. However, in my passion to stay alive for my kids, I have come up with a new hypothesis that I believe determines whether a person has the opportunity to be well. With this hypothesis, I have found my lemonade. I want to take this analogy a step further and offer my lemonade to others so that my struggles will not be in vain.

What I Share

My Genre

I currently write my books mainly in the genre of alternative medicine nonfiction. But it is frustrating, though, because I believe modern medicine could benefit from what I have discovered as well. To overcome this challenge, I seek to reach those type of readers through my linked in articles.

Here are my two most recent articles.

  1. How Acute Inflammation Becomes Chronic: A New View
  2. To See ME, Look Up from the Microscope

I also write memoirs and short stories. However, I feel the need to stay focused on this current genre. The overwhelming need to share the information I have discovered has compelled me to write until all I have learned is out in the world in its entirety. After that, I hope to have the opportunity to dive into poetry and fiction.

My Hypothesis

I have named my new hypothesis the Defensive Individual Shield Hypothesis (DISH). I believe we have a sorting system we aren’t currently aware of. It is created when our lymphatic system works in conjunction with what is (or isn’t) on the surface of the skin. When DISH is working, I can be healthy. If DISH is not working, I don’t have an opportunity to improve my health—unless I manually make a DISH. The reason being that the broken DISH causes misinformation and missing information.

  1. The problem is misinformation and missing information.
    • Misinformation caused deficiencies in my body.
    • Deficiencies caused missing information to happen.
    • Missing information prevented my body from functioning properly.
  2. The solution is to correct the problem.
    • Stop the misinformation from occurring.
    • Replenish the deficiencies.
    • Insert the missing information.
    • Avoid misinformation from happening again.

Three Reasons Why I Share

Back before modern times, when a discovery was made, it was shared with the public without a filter on it telling us what to think and not to think about this new information. This is what I am doing. Because of being sick and a stay-at-home (and homeschooler) mom for so many decades, I don’t have peers to review what I wrote through ‘the proper channels.’

I have chosen to share with you raw and real instead. With that being said, there are three main reasons I share about this discovery.

1. So Many People Have Lost Hope

I know what it felt like to have lost all hope. In fact, here is an article dated Spring/Summer 2015 titled New Hope for Those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Do  you realize this post was written almost ten years ago! Time flies and yet we are still waiting. We are still being told they are hopeful of finding a solution. I think the solution is DISH!

2. Makes Methods Work

Some of you might be thinking, “Well, just because this method worked for you, it doesn’t mean it will work for me.” But you see, that is the thing. It isn’t about ‘a method.’ It is about a possible body system we have that determines whether a method (regardless of which one you choose) will work or not. It could be conventional or alternative. It’s outside of a box!

I know this because when I was at my worst, desperately trying to find a way to survive daily, the methods I tried would not work well enough. But years later, after understanding the intricacies of DISH, doing the same techniques and treatments would now work. It isn’t just me either. Unbeknownst to me, when I was sharing DISH with my friends, they thought they could test it themselves without my knowledge. I only would later find out when they would come to me amazed about their results.  

3. Only One Who Has My Experience

I have scoured the internet for almost a decade, and I have not yet found anyone else talking about this potential DISH concept. I think I am the only one who knows about it. I can’t keep it that way. The research I have done backs up all the answers already out there, but it combines them in a way that causes DISH to be a logical answer for those discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Why I’m Passionate about Sharing DISH

Symptoms Justified

I guess in a way it is a spin off from the saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Allow me to clarify. I do NOT think this is the case of good versus evil, but I do believe it is a case of the answer being right in front of us for the entire medical community. It is an opportunity for patients to have their day in court and remove once and for all the opinion of chronic fatigue being psychological in nature.

Out of Comfort Zone

It is often said if you aren’t growing, you are dying. I’m done dying for now. Because of this new lease on life, to the best of my ability I am going to seize it and strive to be out of my comfort zone. I admit, sometimes I feel like Rapunzel during the scene in Tangled (2010) where she first gets out of the tower—very mixed emotions of spreading her wings. I am pressing on though. My comfort zone is now so far back that I can’t even find it if I wanted to. I want to keep it that way.

Scary Big Goal

I believe to feel alive a person has to have a vision so big that it spans time and reaches many people. The impact I believe DISH can have qualifies as such. I strongly believe that the more we understand DISH, the more we will realize it impacts any illness caused by a deregulation of nutrients or hormones in the body. I think it is that big. Maybe not in my lifetime, but that is okay. That is the cool thing about books. Once a book becomes an idea, it will live on forever.


To the best of my ability, this is what I will do: share. When I feel like stopping, I just think of how desperate I was to find answers; answers nobody had for me. Recalling that memory of hopelessness forces me to push on. I ache for those who have no hope for better health. I want the number to be smaller—I believe it can be smaller.

I know just because I am sharing this information, it doesn’t mean people will accept it. I am okay with that. If I was to try to control what other people do and don’t do with what I share, I would lose my happiness. I have no control over what others think or do. I never will. My happiness comes from doing what I believe my God has called me to do—share this new DISH hypothesis with others.

Cyndi Whatif
Cyndi Whatif

I am a patient turned author and guide. I share my hypothesis of an overlooked complementary body system which I believe determines whether or not a person has the opportunity to be well.

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